Welcome to Taitokerau

With fibres stretching 210km from Auckland to Whangarei, our network delivers virtually unlimited and future proofed capacity to the local community and businesses of the north.


Initially completed in 2012, Taitokerau Fibre Networks is excited to announce its partnership with Kordia to manage and grow the network.

We see this partnership as the catalyst for opening the ICT potential in the North of New Zealand. The Taitokerau Fibre Network has the capability and potential to become the gateway to the international digital community promoting investment, growth and development for our local community in the areas of:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Business and Employment
  • Digital Commerce
  • Culture

For more information please visit our partner Kordia. For sales enquiries, please contact Shane Gerraty on Shane.Gerraty@kordia.co.nz. For network and other enquiries, please contact June McCabe on June.mccabe@taitokerau.net.nz.